Monday, 25 January 2010

Who is One Little Bird?

My name is Leanda and I'm an English ex-graphic designer now living in sunny Greece with my soon-to-be husband and partner of 6 years, George. We are expecting our first baby in July of this year, so exciting times ahead. However, I have no intention of sitting on my laurels and I love creating things. Having grown tired of the graphic design industry, I am now focused on designing high-end prints, printable stationery and printed goods including tea-towels, onesies, notebooks... you name it! One Little Bird is the culmination of that. I will soon be opening an Etsy store for my printable goods and my prints and printed items will be available elsewhere. I will be revealing all soon. But in the meantime, here is a sneak preview of what I have been up to... (click on any image to zoom in)


  1. oh i love the frenchman, as soon as he is in the shop he's mine!!!!
    hehe, and the brown owl is so fab, he's got a look that says 'what you lookin' at fool?' or is it just me!?
    so exciting missy, i'm so proud!

  2. I super-love your owls!!! and the fonts ♥
    leanna x

  3. Hi Leanda, the prints are great I love the owls they seem to be looking straight at me!

  4. I love your designs! They make me soo happy :)

    Best of luck to you and your new shop!


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