Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Friday Faves.... on, er, Tuesday

OK it's not Friday I know. I'm loving vintage packaging and tickets lately. Here's some of the best from my Flickr faves...
(Click on the image to see lovely big size)

1. lovely buttons, nice type, 2. Metra monthly ticket: January 1999, 3. Free Wheel Clutch, 4. Glasgow Corporation Transport Bus Tickets, 5. haberdashery – good word, 6. Hello Friend, 7. Singapore Traction Company - pre-1964 10c ticket, 8. THE JUBILEE BIBLICAL CLOCK, 9. tins, 10. package, 11. collection5, 12. boxes :: red, 13. Miller Line Typewriter Ribbon Boxes, 14. Vintage Tickets, 15. Day Twenty Six, 16. A Small Portion of my Vintage Ticket Collection


  1. Inspiring! I've found some great stuff in a shop today! Including an original ticket machine with paper in it, couldn't afford the machine but printed myself some bus tickets :)

  2. I have two of those Texcel tape funny, I just looked at them today and thought of your typewriter tin series.


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