Thursday, 13 January 2011

new shop

Exciting news! I've just found a great new marketplace online called Society 6. It's just a little more, how can I say, 'high-end' than your usual Cafe Press or Zazzle. I've opened a new store with them and you can now buy my prints directly as beautiful giclee prints and stretched canvases.

And not only! (there's more shameless plugging) there are skins for your iPad, laptop and iPhone as well as that all important iPhone case.

Oh, and some t-shirts too :)


  1. WOW! How beautiful! You truly are talented! Do your iphone cases fit the iphone 4? Because if so...I think you can count me in as a costumer!

  2. Thats fantastic! I love the idea of custom skins for your laptop and iphone. Good luck with the store!


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