Thursday, 27 January 2011

a request

There are a few strange creatures in the world who have an obsession with envelope security patterns - that is the patterns that are found on the inside of the envelopes containing your bills and so on. I am one such person. A number of years ago I started to collect them and scan them. I collected a staggering 5 patterns! I am always using them in my work and just think they are so, well, pretty.
I've suddenly got the urge to create a large work with them... a map of the world made up of security patterns. I've done a test with the USA...

If I had more than 5 patterns, the map of the world would be that much more interesting of course. That is where you my dear friends come in. I need high res (300 dpi) scans* of envelope security patterns. Can you help me? Please send them to onelittlebird (at) ymail (dot) com. Anyone who sends me more than 10 different (usable) patterns will get a free print (once I've done it).

*Of course if you can always post some to me old style if you prefer :)

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