Friday, 4 March 2011

brits take home the gold!

I hope I am not too late to offer my congratulations to two of my nicest and most talented blog friends. Emma Lamb and Tif Fussell (aka Dottie Angel) both recently nabbed gold awards in the Rik Rak Handmade Olympics. Emma's pretty little crocheted forever flower garlands, which are now available in choose-your-own colours, stormed to first place in the Fave Inspiring Goodie category.

And Her Royal Dottieness, whose very own book is coming out this summer, triumphed in the 'Fave Thrifty Site' event.

Both well-deserved girls for your truly unique and inspiring styles.


  1. Hi! I am a ONE LOOP SHORT follower. I totally understand your reasoning for concentrating on just one blog, and I am very pleased that your business is doing well (despite the shipping issues.) Thank you for including some crochet (even if it is not yours) as your crochet taste is above most, and I hope to see glimpses of it here in the future. I will follow you here now. By the way, your son is beautiful!

  2. Hi... just left a message way back on a March 10, 2010 post. I wanted to thank you for listing me in your blog roll, and also to invite you to a project I just launched called THE DEFENSE D'AFFICHER PROJECT. It's open to anyone who would like to create a poster for worldwide distribution. It's very simple... see what we have up here already. I know your work would be perfect for this. And, hey, it's free.




  3. I love that garland. So adorable!



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