Monday, 18 April 2011

happy easter

Just to let you know...

if anyone's still reading...

that I'm still here...

waiting for my PayPal account problems to sort themselves out!

Shop still closed.

Still raining.

Still cold.

Just looking forward to the long weekend away in beautiful Nafpaktos! Wonderful massive bunches of flowers in the market this week for just 2 euros!

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Happy Easter back to you, Leanda!

    Those flowers are so pretty. Isn't this a grand time of the year to find beautiful blooms, even if the weather stays a bit chilly?

    Have a grand holiday. Hoping your PayPal biz gets all settled very soon.


  2. Happy Easter! So sorry to hear paypal isn't working :( I actually just ordered an iPhone case from your society6 site I hope it will go through :-/ also I was wondering if you were for hire to create logos? I need a logo for my business and I absolutely love your style! If you could contact me at if you do create logos that would be excellent! Can't wait to show off my iPhone skin!!


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