Friday, 8 April 2011

the original thrifting queen

Thriftiness seems to be quite in vogue these days! Nothing more fashionable than rummaging around a garage sale or a car boot sale or a charity shop and bagging a good find. But I've just been reminded of the original thrifter... young Miss Emily!
I don't want Leo to watch much TV, especially while he's so young. And I just don't think that they made them like they used to. When I was small I remember watching Fingerbobs, Trumpton, Camberwick Green, The Clangers and The Magic Roundabout to name but a few. But my favourite of all was that saggy old cloth cat Bagpuss. And it's his owner Emily who I have already mentioned.

I've found quite a lot of episodes of Bagpuss plus other old favourites on You Tube and I let Leo watch something every now and then. I was particularly delighted to find a Bagpuss episode called 'The Owl of Athens' which we sat and watched together... Leo loved it! Here is Part 1 for you too... (wait til the end to watch Part 2)

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