Saturday, 30 April 2011

proud to be british

hugo burnand

I'm no fervant royalist, but neither am I anti-royal. Just your average Brit who has grown up with the Royal Family. I waved my flag at the Queen as she rode past in her car during her Silver Jubilee. I saw Charles & Di get married. I saw William grow up. And I watched Diana's funeral cortege pass by me as I stood with the crowds in Regent's Park in 1997. I guess when you live abroad it makes you just that little more patriotic and I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's wedding. Kate looked stunning in that dress! Everyone looked good! Well nearly everyone...

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  1. Love this. LOVE the last pic! lololol I was watching the wedding and a visitor (male) quickly noticed the last two. I can't repeat what he said.

    First time visiting here and your blog is lovely. What a nice surprise on a Saturday afternoon. :)

  2. That last photo shows some fashion choices that will haunt those sisters for many years to come. I don't even sense irony in their get ups.

    However, the wedding was great fun to watch from over here in the States. When lots of happiness is gathered together, it has a way of spreading.


  3. Hello my dear friend... :)
    I'm just like you when it comes to the Royal Family, there's a connection there after growing up with them. And after everything he has been through it was good to see William looking so happy... :)
    Oh, and I was completely mesmerised by those two too, although not in a good way... ;)
    Emma, x


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