Wednesday, 30 January 2013

ladies who print

Mary Kate McDevitt
Bunny Pumpkin
I'm taking a short break this week. A few days at my folks house in sunny Lincolnshire while George is away on a last minute business trip in Abu Dhabi. Gives me plenty of time to trawl through reams of inspiration on the internet. Here is a selection of work from three talented lasses who have recently impressed me. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for including me on your lovely blog Leanda! I'm a big fan of Mary Kate McDevitt too, so feel quite privileged to appear in the same post : )

  2. I always adore the work of Mary Kate McDevitt and it's good to see her getting so much recognition. Thank you for the introduction to the other two shops. Love the style of Bunny Pumpkin!

  3. such gorgeous work,,I love the screenprinted retro look..fab! thanks for sharing!


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