Tuesday, 1 January 2013

the big january sale

First off I'd like to wish everyone a very happy new year! Welcome 2013!! Goodness, how time flies. Anyone made any resolutions? I can't believe nearly a year has gone by since I was anywhere near what you could describe as active around here. I've kept my shop ticking over, but I haven't had much time to concentrate on it. So I've had a good sort through and think it's high time I dusted off the shelves and had a grand clear out. From the end of January I will no longer be selling my digital collages. They've served me well and been some of my best sellers, but I no longer feel they really relate to what I'm doing anymore, so it's time to say a fond farewell. All my digital collages are now 30% off in the shop, with everything else at 20% off. I'm hoping to start concentrating on producing some new work soon! Oh, and I've also got some potentially exciting projects in the pipeline, but more of that next time.

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