Thursday, 12 January 2012

faking instagram pt.2

Following on from my previous post 'Faking Instagram', there was one more effect that I really like in Instagram that I wanted to show you - that sort of blurry-all-around-the-edges-with-the-focus-right-in-the-centre-so-everything-looks-sort-of-miniature. That is not the technical name. I have since found out the technical name for this effect is tilt-shift. I'll show you a before and after so you can see what I mean. 
Here is a photo of my sister-in-law Matina in Amsterdam some years ago, straight out the camera:
And here's the tilt-shift version. I applied the Earlybird action first.
You can find a quick tutorial for creating tilt-shift effects here. And some more of my experiments here. So there you go, some lovely fake Instagram effects to play around with! Enjoy!


  1. This is so cool!! Thank you!
    I really love this effect!

  2. that's a very nice effect!
    isn't it the miniature effect or something like that...
    i am going to give it a try!


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