Wednesday, 11 January 2012

how to link an image to your email

If, like me, you are a complete dullard when it comes to anything codey or webby (we're talking HTML, CSS and all that palaver), then this should hopefully appeal. I recently found out how to link this image directly to my email. Meaning that when you click on the picture you go straight to a new email - to me! (go on, click on it, send me an email, go on). It's easy to add a picture as a gadget in your side bar, but how do you link a picture within a post? I now know and this is rather exciting to me. So I thought I would share with you how to do it.
First, create a new page or post and upload your image (I'm using my typewriter image). Now, select the HTML view. You will see lots of lovely code (scary huh!). This is where you need your glasses on. Look for the bit that sits between a pair of double quotation marks and starts with 'http:'. It's underlined in pink here:
This is the HTML code for opening your picture in lightbox mode (click on the typewriter image above to see what I mean), which is the standard thing that happens when you click on an image in Blogger. But we want to link to our email instead. So we need to change this link. Select that bit of code (be careful to just select the text and not the quotation marks) and write mailto:youremailaddress, like this:
Save and close. Voila! It's done. You can link images to another website by inserting their URL (include all the http bit) instead of an email address. Simple really.

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  1. Leanda...
    Thank you so much for sharing....
    Like you - I am pretty 'BLONDE' at anything teccy or codey as you put this is just perfect to help fathom out some other little wrinkle in the wonderful world of technology!!!

    SmiLes from Julia


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