Thursday, 12 January 2012

faking instagram pt.1

I really like Instagram photos. Trouble is, I don't own an iPhone, and probably never will. So the next best thing is to just fake the damn things. I had a trundle around on the net and found Daniel Box who'd taken the trouble to make some rather convincing (and free) Instagram Photoshop Actions (thank you Daniel). I'll demonstrate the effects on a picture of my little boy, Leo. 
Here's the original photo straight out the camera:

And here are the 12 filters in the set:
Rather nice aren't they! The set also includes some of the frames that you see on Instagram pics. But what is missing is the waffle effect frame on the original photo up there. So I made one! You will need Photoshop -  just hit this button to download.


  1. Thank you so much for that waffle border! I've immediately used it in my post for today! :-)

  2. Talk about kismet! Just before I logged onto to do my blog round I looked up Instagram as I have heard so much about it lately but never got around to checking out exactly what it was until today. I too don't have an iPhone and probably never will so THANK YOU so much for sharing how to fake it as I really like the effects.


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