Tuesday, 3 January 2012

out with the old, in with the new

Happy New Year everyone! 
I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have started on the right foot for 2012. I know for me this is always a time for refreshing and renewing, so have started dusting off the old nest. You'll notice up at the top there a new logo and header. I'm using a beautiful font called Verner for the main title. My little bird has been released from his old circle and is perched up on one of the 't's. I've widened the whole blog to give it some more breathing space and my link buttons at the side have been changed, using Verner's sister font Verna! Oh, and a rather nice new background using a tileable pattern from Tack-O-Rama, a wonderful site for retro clip art. I'm going to slowly be making more changes over the coming weeks...
I'll also be introducing this year more tutorials, freebies, useful tips and links so pleased stay tuned!  
I'll be back very soon for more on this...
EDIT: Please note that the font used throughout this blog is Rockwell. 

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